About us

“Vektor 90” – Tome dooel - Strumica, a firm for design, engineering, urban planning and Construction was founded in 1990 by Timov Tome, graduated engineer and architect.

In the last years "Vektor 90" has completed many projects in Strumica and other cities across Macedonia. The list of projects includes residential buildings, industrial complexes, buildings for pubic administration and communal infrastructure. “Vektor 90” also provides work in the field of interior design and urban design projects.

Tome Timov is a chief designer in "Vektor 90". He was born in 1958, in Skopje, Macedonia.

He graduated in 1983, at the Department of Architecture, at the University of St “Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, Macedonia. From 1983 untill 1990 he worked in the architectural firm "Proektant" in Strumica.

In 1990 he started running his own company, "Vektor 90" in Strumica. He is especially devoted to residential, commercial, industrial and sacral architecture. As chief designer,he has received many awards for designed and completed projects, from the AAM (Association of Architects of Macedonia) at the biennale of architecture in Macedonia:

  • BIMAS 1995 prize for contribution in architecture and modern architectural design.
  • BIMAS 1997 prize for special design of sacral facility.
  • BIMAS 2000 prize for a successful reconstruction of a church.
  • BIMAS 2002 prize for design of Bosilovo municipality hall.
  • 2003 State anual prize for design of Bosilovo municipality hall.
  • BIMAS 2004 Grand prix for design of warehouse in Vasilevo.
  • 2007 Second prize for design for superstructure of Parliament of Republic of Macedonia (first prize was not assigned).

For tasks that require professionals from other fields “Vektor 90” hire outside experts in the following areas:

  • Electric engineering
  • Surveying / Hydro engineering
  • Hitting and ventilation engineering Construction -civil engineering

All of the outside experts are specialists in their fields and have more than ten years of experience.